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AWS  Practice

Simplifying AWS Migration

Migrating applications and data from the on-premises data center(s) to the cloud is much harder than it seems. The technical and non-technical challenges include moving a vast amount of data to the cloud, incompatibility of non-cloud native apps with cloud environments, lack of on-staff knowledge to manage migration disrupting productivity, and introducing risk.

Our competent team of migration experts who have gone through migration multiple times over the years can provide you the much-needed help with your migration journey.

AWS Migration & Modernization

3 Phases of a Successful AWS Migration

To ensure a smooth and successful transfer, we take a phased approach to the Migration process that considers data handling requirements, data governance, compliance, and security. As part of the migration process, we work with you to define adequate processes and governance to ensure business continuity while migrating to the cloud. Otherwise, the migration process can risk security, performance, and cost issues.



Start with a migration readiness assessment and identify the on-premise resources to plan where cloud migration should start.


Migrate quickly and efficiently with flexible, powerful tools ensuring minimal business disruption.


Streamline resources to improve performance, maximize ROI, and maintain compliance.